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Hi Betsy.

I'm writing to ask you a rather complex question. You see, for years I have struggled with Empathic Distress Disorder, and I'm on a Spiritual journey (I am going to be baptized for the first time on December 16.) I'm beyond EXCITED for this, but I'm struggling to put my disorder to rest. Any advice before I begin this new chapter? Thanks in advance and much love and blessings.

Hi! firstly thank you for writing in and congratulations on your new exciting chapter! I don’t want to make light of your disorder but from my perspective when you “think” it’s behind you… It will be. For a deeper understanding of “The three principals” (which is what I teach) I recommend you read one or more of these books. “The Little Book of Big Change” by Amy Johnshon, (on addiction) “Inside out revolution” by Michael Neil, (3 P's) “The Enlightened Gardner” and “The Missing Link” by Sydney Banks (also 3 P's). If you didn't have the thought “I’m struggling to put my disorder to rest,” would you believe you had a disorder? What if you had a different thought “my disorder is a part of my past.” Can you see you have a choice which thought to focus on? I think disorders can be made better by thinking and truly believing that we are better. Thought is only an allusion. We have so many of them (thoughts) that come in and out of our head every day but we get to choose which thoughts to focus on. I choose only to trust the thoughts that feel good to me as much as possible. When I am making my negative thoughts mean something (usually when I’m in a low mood) I know that it will lead to unhappiness. If I go down that road, I do my best not to stay there for long. When you are having a thought that doesn’t make you feel good such as “I am regressing… or I still have a disorder”… notice that the thought doesn't feel good. You actually can choose not to focus on it. When you have a thought such as "I am completely fine just as I am, my disorders do not exist" I’m guessing that thought will make you feel good… If it were me I would choose that thought to focus on and to believe. Good luck and happy baptism!!!

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