Betsy Russell

My coaching lessons with Betsy have been a life-changing experience for my family and me. Through Betsy's mentoring on healthy relationships, spiritual growth, mindfulness, and improved diet, my marriage is happier than ever, I feel a powerful sense of serenity, and I am now able to live without anxiety. I'm so grateful to Betsy for her help and kindness. The best life coach ever!

- Taylor Stanley


Betsy Russell is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life.  Betsy has been my life Coach for the past 8 months and I can honestly say she has changed my life in so many ways, all for the better. Through our sessions, I have learned she has so many wonderful qualities as a person, but the thing that is the most impressive is the passion and care she truly has shown for me as her client. I have had sessions with Betsy that I have laughed/cried and she has always been so supportive as she helps me to work through my issues.  Betsy is such a positive person and she has taught me how to be positive in my thoughts and outlooks on my life.  She has shown me time and time again the knowledge she possesses through her life experiences, her Education, and her continuous studies.  Not only has she helped me work through my struggles, she has always given me books/videos and other resources to support the positive thinking methods she has taught me. I can honestly say, I am the person that did not believe I could benefit from having a Life Coach in my life.  I found myself going through some difficult situations and the thing I noticed was that my friends were only telling me what I wanted to hear, not what would help me make meaningful changes in my life.  Betsy has helped me see things from all sides before making decisions. She has helped me make changes that will last a life time. One of the biggest changes she has assisted me with is weight loss.  I have been as much as 150 pounds over weight in my life.  Betsy taught me that diets do not work, but by changing my eating habits and how I think about food I can make life long changes with my health.  I have lost 68 pounds in 8 months of working with Betsy.  Betsy has helped me "think" and look at all the issues in my life such as my relationships, my career, my family, and my faith.  I have completely changed my life in every aspect and all for the positive....I owe it all to Betsy Russell.  Thank you so much Betsy Russell for helping me change my life.

- Timothy Dean