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Betsy Russell

Betsy Russell

This is where I put all of my passions in one place! Information about my latest acting projects and life coaching opportunities. Also, upcoming appearances and how to acquire autographed photos. Lastly, my blog, Betsy's World, has everything from health and beauty tips, Inspirational quotes, my musings and more. You can also subscribe to my youtube channel: "From the heart with Betsy Russell."

Most importantly, I'll be answering questions from you! I want you to ask me anything (that I can publish without blushing of course) from dating and break up advice, to acting and other things in between. I'm a certified life coach in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. I coach using a modality I've been studying the last couple of years, called "The Three Principals" (Mind, Thought and Consciousness). Basically, I teach the nature of thought, how it effects our everyday life and creates our reality. I benefit the most from helping others think and feel better so ask away!

I like the questions best that come from your heart. Your email address will be confidential and unpublished. Please use any name you want. I'll post your questions, here and my reply. Be bold and brave, and remember, you are anonymous!

Love is the ultimate coach. Do what you love, let love guide you, let love inspire you.
— Robert Holden

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