From Sasha

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. I don't know if you deal with this sort of thing but I have a fear of rejection (caused mainly by my mother; ill go into more detail if needed) and it's really starting to get in the way now, I'll have a best friend for about 7 months and then I'll sudden get edgy and end up driving them away, now my whole friend group absolutely despises me but that's not really the problem for now, I'm more worried about the same thing happening in the future or with my boyfriend, I'd also like some advice on how to stay positive when you have a whole group of people saying horrible things to you (which I have to say I think I've been doing quite well with). At the moment I am hanging around with the 'lads' that I'm already pretty good friends with (one of them being my boyfriend) and am happy with that. I had mild depression last year and I'm now over that, I'm generally a very happy person now with a hunger for life Im really determined to achieve my dreams of becoming an actress and am going to TV acting classes but I have had a pretty rough past that I'm hoping to fully get over so that it doesn't interfere with my present and future life

Sorry it's so long,

Hi Sasha!

I think you sound like a wonderful person! Honestly I would recommend finding a therapist in your area to iron out some issues that may be getting in the way of your creating a blissful life. I would like to offer you a couple thoughts that may resonate with you or not. From my perspective everything happens for a reason. Forgiving the "judgment" that things "should" have been different is a great place to start! You are this amazing person because of everything you’ve been through and the choices you’ve made. It’s brought you to exactly where you are today! "Be the change you want to see in the world." If you want to draw in loving friends, love yourself first and exude that loving energy! I believe it’s about our intention. Are you yearning to evolve and grow as a person? If so pick friends that have the same desire and support each other in this. Hang out with positive people that think the way you do! One way to stay positive is not taking negative things personally. Those so called “friends” could be jealous or just having a bad day and choosing to blame you. I’m happy you’re over your depression. Try starting each day with a list of at least 3 things you’re grateful for. I also really believe in a meditation practice. Even 10 minutes a day can change your life. Also, it’s very difficult to be depressed when being of service. That’s an amazing gift we can give ourselves! Good luck with your acting career I think it’s fantastic that you're following your dreams!!! I hope this helped a little, be good and loving with yourself. I think you sound courageous! all my best,