"Attention: Listening of this calibre ignites the human mind. The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people's thinking.

The ten components of a thinking environment 1. Attention. Listening with respect, interest and fascination. 2. Incisive questions removing assumptions that limit ideas. 3. Equality treating each other as thinking peers.Giving equal turns and attention. Keeping agreements and boundaries. 4. Appreciation. Practicing a five to one ratio of appreciation to criticism. 5. Ease offering. freedom from rush or urgency. 6. Encouragement. Moving beyond competition. 7. Feelings. Allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking. 8. Information. Providing a full and accurate picture of reality. 9. Place. Creating a physical environment that says back to people, 'You matter.' 10. Diversity. Adding quality because of the differences between us." Time To Think" Nancy Kline.

Are we truly listening to each other with our hearts and without judgement? A gentle reminder to myself to practice listening on a deeper level, today.

Betsy Russell