Getting along with our exes

Can You get along with your ex? I'm living proof we thrive and our kids thrive if we make getting along with our exes and their new family's a priority!!! There is enough love in our hearts to forgive any judgement that whatever happened "shouldn't" have happened. Let go of the negative ball of fire you're carrying around with you before YOU get burned! Kids don't want to hear negative comments or gossip about either parent. They end up turning on the negative parent or becoming negative and pessimistic themselves. If it feels good to hate on your ex, be selfish. know that you will pay the price in the end with kids who aren't as happy as they would be if their parents got along. You want happy kids who turn into happy adults? Do the work it takes to forgive any negative judgement, love yourself more and spread that love to your ex :)

Betsy Russell