Inner knowing

We all have inner knowing or “intuition.” How often do we really listen to it though? I had a serious question recently and I needed to access my personal answer. What was best for me in this situation? I had choices but which was the best choice for me and my life? No one could answer this for me. In the end it all came down to taking personal responsibility for myself. No one can take care of me the way I can. If I make a choice that doesn’t feel good, later I have to live with it. Before I went to sleep I asked for guidance from my inner knowing. I asked for clarity in my dreams in my thoughts and through my prayers and meditation. I woke up with a clear idea about what to do and took action. It suddenly made sense. No matter what we believe in we can ask and the universe will answer. We can also ask for signs and receive them. If we look around they are there. When we go inside they are there. When we breathe in the question the answer is inside. It’s a matter of asking quietly, with purpose again and again and then listening. We have the capacity to stay in touch at all times with our intuition our inner knowing.

Betsy Russell