Reflecting back on 2015

As I reflect back on the events that occurred in my life this past year I find myself thinking is this possible? Did all of this really happen in one year? I made a list: I Started USM life coaching program. My father in law Dick Van Patten passed away. My brother got married to my friend Taylor Phinny Russell in Kaui. My son Duke auditioned for theatre schools in London and got accepted early to Bristol Old Vic. his #1 choice. I had major surgery and my son Vinny happened to be home for the weekend and picked me up from Cedars and took care of me. The last time I had been there (Cedars) I was giving birth to Vinny. Duke graduated from SMU in Dallas. I graduated from my coaching progam after coaching 4 people for 6 months. My kids left for a trip to Europe with their Dad, brother Jesse, step mom and a friend. Duke traveled with his friend for 3 weeks through Europe ended up at school in Bristol (London.) son Vinny started a semester abroad (through Cal Poly) in Florence. I went to England to get Duke settled at school, visited Vinny in Florence and went to Rome alone for 5 days. I put my house in Malibu on the market. Again. I got sued (settled) audited and all of it went away. I went to Valley State Prison to coach male inmates there. My father passed away. Decided I may stay in Malibu. Kids came home for the holidays, bliss. Family gathering for Dad's beautiful memorial. Wow what a year!!! I can't imagine what I would have done without my wonderful family and friends who supported me through all of this and continue to do so. I am blessed and so grateful. I am in a healing and re-generating mode. I'm thinking my intention for 2016 is to teach Spiritual Psychology workshops again for actors at Key West in west LA. I enjoyed doing that 2 years ago. Actor's need support and can't usually afford one on one therapy. After reading my father's amazing autobiography which he wrote just for his family many years ago (to be read after his passing) it inspired me to do the same. I like that he added to it as his kids were embarking on new phases and he kept us up to date. It Brought back so many memories and gave me insight as to what he thought about. He was such a prolific writer. So I'll leave you with this, just a reminder, food for thought. Surround yourself with those who lift you up, elevate your spirits and leave you feeling full and appreciated. I'm doing my best to do the same. Love to you all. Please have a joyful and peaceful 2016 and don't forget to nurture yourself (if we don't who will?) reduce your stress level by meditating even 5 minutes a day and laugh a lot. Three of my favorite things. xxx

Betsy Russell