From Catherine

Dear Betsy,

I can not help but notice that each of your fans, clients, and seekers of a more powerful truth and personal healing always Segway "How beautiful that you are" Indeed you are. Inside and out. My question for you is that I have been cyber bullied; My life crashed when it happened . I called it "Bathroom wall gone wild"...wish I had coined the phrase "Viral" but all that did not exist back then. It happened all my life; never the popular girl. Picked on by everyone. Not long ago, I became so successful in my career of choice, however it was a Man's world. I knew that what I was putting out there was the best. Professionally and personally. However, in the end, I was Cyber bullied to the point of personal safety and a personal demise. Cyberbullying is just only being just recognized and barely a law; So I digress...My questions to you are...As a public figure, your life is out there, so how do you handle the Naysayers; 2; Do you support charities and cause's such as "Wounded Warriors", the "Megan Meyer" act....(Cyberbullying) and such? How exciting for your "Masters" in life Coaching. And sorry for the loss of your father and father in law. And of course I can not imagine being background talk on a cheesy scripted reality show. So to reiterate, how do you feel about Cyber bullying and how can we make the young kids feel stronger and the mean ones have far more unconditional love and empathy?

Dear Catherine:

Firstly, thank you for the nice compliments. Now let me dive into your questions. We have a saying in spiritual psychology, anything that disturbs our peace is an opportunity for healing. When people say things or write negative things about me I don’t take it personally. We can always find a reason to be upset in life but if I do feel “triggered” i do my best to take personal responsibility for my upset. Then I do the work to recognize what in particular contributed to my feeling of being out of balance and as quickly as possible re-center myself. We can view any situation as negative or positive and let it send us into a downward spiral or actually view it as an opportunity for learning and evolving. It’s our choice how we want to perceive things. Was the person in a low mood when they said those things? Maybe they were having a bad day and didn’t intend to hurt us. We don’t know why others do and say the things they do and we definitely don’t have control over it. Why get upset over something we have no control over? A lot of times others don’t even know why they say negative things. Maybe they just want to vent because they aren’t feeling good. How many times have we heard someone say “I don’t even know why I said those mean things…” Another phrase I love is “how we are with ourselves while we’re going through the issue is the issue. “ Are we being compassionate and nurturing with ourselves as we navigate through a difficult time? Or are we judging the situation as bad and getting mad at ourselves for feeling upset. You asked how can we make the young kids stronger and have more unconditional love and empathy. From my perspective we can’t “make” others feel anything. We are all on our own journey. We can do our own work and recognize that we are all divine beings having a human experience. We can focus on being more and more aware of our loving spirits and operate from that place. Then naturally, we spread that love to others. If the situation is dark and seems bleak, there is an opportunity to shine our light, always. I hope this helps, have a beautiful day!