From Discouraged

Hello betsy,

I am currently struggling with life, the tv and film business, the acting business ,and a lot and i do mean a lot of very very negative things from the past!! Life is very tough, that is a given!! Life is not at all fair, and it never will be!! My past always keeps catching up with me all of the time!! It is a very depressing struggle! If you can help out at all in any way, please get back with me in the future. Thank you Betsy, God bless you in every way, you are the best of the best!

Dear discouraged.

I’m hearing that you are having a difficult journey at the moment. Remember the most challenging of times help us evolve the most! I’m wondering how your perspective would change if you started concentrating on the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s that you are pursuing your dream career. That’s amazing! Most people never have the opportunity to do that! I believe the only thing we have control over are our choices and perspective. The rest is an allusion. If we tell ourselves “life is tough, life isn’t fair and it never will be” that is what we will continue to draw in. The universe meets us where we are. I would offer that you give yourself positive affirmations every day and encouraging words, I’m doing great, I’m the best, I’m doing the best I can and things like that. Observe your thoughts. Are they mostly negative or positive? We have the power to change every negative thought we have to make them positive and loving. Also my feed back would be to look for the blessings in every situation . Even if it’s hard to see at the moment they’re always there. Everything from your past has brought you to where you are today. I believe we are always where we are meant to be in every moment and would encourage you to trust yourself. Growth is a process not an event. Remember our thoughts create our reality, good luck!

Betsy RussellActing