From Shy Guy

Dear Betsy, first of all you are as beautiful now as ever.I don't think you get enough credit for your acting. My question is my girlfriend is 19 years younger than me & wants me to go to a nude beach with her. I love her & don't know how to handle this. I'm kind of a shy guy. Thanks for your time.

Dear Shy guy,

First of all you have a girlfriend who’s 19 years younger than you are! From my perspective that takes guts. If you don’t mind her, seeing you naked do you really think you will be embarrassed in front of others who you don’t have as much invested in? My other thought is, every time we do something that makes us a little scared we grow from the experience. Wear clothes (at least for a bit) in the beginning and take them off if you decide you want to. Go ahead, live dangerously and pretend your European, good luck and have fun!

Betsy RussellShy