From Jim

Hey Betsy, you have been a crush of mine ever since I watched the Saw movies, I think you look best with your hair done up when Strahm interviews you in Saw 4.

Im seeking a partner, I dream of having another half, but i’ve never looked for one and feel like I always put myself off every girl thats been interested in me, lots of overthinking, wanting something perfect etc..

A lot of my friends are all in happy relationships, I would like a girlfriend (i've never had one) What should I focus on changing about myself to make this possible?

Kind regards, Jim I'm 22 by the way.

Hi Jim,

Why are you thinking you need to change something about yourself to attract a girlfriend? Do you believe your negative thinking that could at times tell you you aren’t enough just the way you are? We have so many thoughts that come in and out of our head every day but it’s our choice which thoughts to focus on. If we have a thought that doesn’t make us feel good we have an option to let it go. When our mind is quiet and we are feeling peaceful new thought may come in from the universe giving us insight about a situation that we were feeling perplexed about. However if there are things that you would like to work on for yourself that’s alway available to us. It’s so much fun to constantly evolve and grow and learn and teach what we know. Keep an open and quiet mind as much as possible. You may have your own insight around the exact question you posed to me :)

Betsy RussellChange