From Anna

Hey Betsy. First of all, I would like to say that I'm a huge fan of yours since the saw movies. I even dressed up as the Jill character for Halloween lol. So to start with, I met this guy a year ago. He liked me and I liked him too but after some days, we lost every contact because we go to different high schools. I met him again two months ago (not going to tell you how, it's a huge story lol it would take me hours to type), we talked, made jokes and then we kissed.He promised me that the next day he would call me so we could go out and have some fun, but he didn't so I decided to call him. At first,he didn't answer. When I called him again and asked him if we could go for coffee he made up an excuse that he couldn't go. He promised me again to call me the day after, but he didn't so I called him again like 3 times but his phone was out of service. I was thinking about him all the week and I finally decided after a week to call him again and ask him to go on a date. He picked the phone and said ''Ashley, is this you?'' (Ashley is his ex, how ironic.)It took him about 2 minutes to figure out who I was and when he finally did and I asked him to go on a date with me, he refused because he said ''I got back with my ex.''. I was crying for 3 days after that phone call. My question is, how can I get over him? It's been two months since that day, but I still think about him all the time. I know he is a jerk, but I still can't forget about him. He's the first person I've truly fallen in love with and everything I do to get over him(like going out with friends, having hobbies, telling my bff about him etc.) does not work. I hope you made sense out of everything I said lol, english is not my first language and my story is pretty complicated. I hope I get an advice about this whole thing and I really appreciate it that you took your time to read it. Sincerely, Anna.

Hi Anna,

Firstly I’m sorry you are going through a painful time. Unrequited love or like is not a good feeling but it the long run I promise you time does heal all. Be gentle with yourself. Try your best not to shame yourself for not getting over him as quickly as you think you should. We all heal at our own pace and when we judge our feelings it only makes them last longer. The universe has our back… When the time is right you will meet a great guy who will be dying to go on a date with you and treat you well… Until then be your best you and know that our thinking creates our reality so focus on positive thoughts that enter your head and let the negative ones go. Good luck and thanks for writing!