From Lonely

Betsy, I have been a fan of yours since my teens, and just a few years younger than you. I am a single dad and not much to look at, trollish even. I have a 11 year old daughter and she is so amazing. She doesn't want me to date, but feel so alone and I am not sure how to explain that I need to fill the void in my life too. I am not fond of rejection and shy because of it. How do I handle both aspects of what I feel and need to do? I am glad you're here for a fan like me. Lonely

Dear Lonely,

First of all you say you aren’t very attractive. I believe true beauty comes from within. I’m sure your daughter looks at you and sees you as her Prince Charming. Maybe it’s time for you to start seeing yourself that way as well. I’m guessing she doesn’t want to share you. It’s also possible she doesn’t want to get attached to a woman you bring into her life then have to say good by to her if it doesn’t work out between you two which is understandable. I hear you’re lonely and I’m wondering if there are nights she is with her mother or another family member when you could date. My best feed back would be to keep your dating life separate from your daughter. Statistically second marriages don’t work because of the kids and problems that can come from blending families. If you are contemplating a second marriage someday obviously you would include your daughter in your plans at that time but for now I suggest concentrating on work, your daughter, friends and family. Believe me she will be 18 in the blink of an eye. Enjoy as much time with her now while she still wants to hang out with Dad.

Betsy RussellLonely