From Looks

How do you manage to look so good?

Dear Looks,

Firstly, thank you for that wonderful compliment! I really think genetics plays a big part. My father had great skin and very few wrinkles into his 90’s! I can only hope I’ve inherited some of those wonderful genes. Here are a few of my secrets which aren't so secret. I get lots of sleep, use great face products from my dermatologist and eat impeccably well. Mostly organic vegetables, protein and fruit. Also I exercise at least 5 days a week and try to stay stress free as much as possible. I really look at my body and face as my temple. If I’m good to her she will reward me. I rely on my spiritual teaching's to really complete the package. I surround myself with positive, happy friends, I say positive affirmations daily and build myself up as much as possible. I read books that make me happy. I give back because it makes me feel good to help others. I pray before I go to sleep every night and give thanks for my blessings. I nurture myself and spend time doing things that make every moment special. Oh yes, I almost forget I take daily baths with candle light. My intention is to incorporate more meditation into my daily ritual as well.You may be thinking well, if I did all those things (or had the time to) I'd look and feel great as well! Yes! I'm sure you would. But I hope you can at least incorporate a couple of these wonderful practices into your life if they resonate with you. Thank you again and enjoy your day or night!

Betsy RussellBeauty