From Silverado

Hi Betsy

I just recently saw Avenging Angel which I enjoyed but I have always wondered why you turnd down Silverado??

Hi! I only turned down the audition, not the part. My manager didn’t know the film was going to have stars in it and since the part I was supposed to audition for wasn’t as big as the other leads we chose to audition the same day and time for a different movie (which i didn’t end up getting). Amanda Weiss got the role in “Silverado” and she did a great job. The casting director liked me a lot at the time and they have a lot of pull so I always thought I would have gotten the role had I chosen to research more about the film but I was filming “Avenging Angel” at the time, night shooting and was exhausted. I guess my manager was doing the best he could so it’s silly to look back and say “what if?”

Betsy Russell