From Tommy

My name is Tommy, I am a stand-up comedian based in the bay area, I'm a huge fan of yours, Loved you in Private School, Avenging Angel, Out of Control and especially Tomboy (I even reference it in my act, if you wanna read it, i'll send it to you), I had a huge crush on you. My questions are- 1. What kind of advice do you have for someone who wants to be in show business? cuz I want to act. 2.Nothing is ever written-about on Out of Control, was that a difficult movie to make? 3.Do you look back on Tomboy as a movie that had a feminist quality in it where it opened doors for young women who lived in a mans world? and 4. If I ever make it would you be in my movie?it would be one of the greatest thrills in my life. It's been a pleasure writing you, Keep up the good work and god bless. Tommy.

Hey Tommy,

Here’s my advice for someone trying to get into acting professionally.

  1. Get the best training you possibly can afford. My son told me he wanted to become an actor. I told him to go to London to train. He worked hard on his audition piece (Shakespeare) with a coach auditioned for a few acting schools and got in! It’s important to have a dream and take action steps to make that dream your reality. There is a kid that goes to his school that auditioned and got in but couldn’t afford to go, so he raised the money to get him through a year of school! That’s really taking action! That is what I would do if I were getting into acting now. The field is too competitive to “wing” it.

  2. “Out of Control” was difficult but wonderful to make. We shot it in Dubrovnik Yugoslavia so it was magical and beautiful. We did have a scene where we had to swim in a freezing lake so that was interesting. The crew was wonderful and we all got along so it was fun!

  3. I didn’t think of “Tomboy” as a feminist movie only that I was playing a “tomboyish” type of girl. I don’t believe all athletic women who are in touch with their masculine side are feminists and I didn’t play her thinking about that at all. If anyone watching that movie felt empowered to be who they really wanted to be and I helped to bring that out of them that’s a bonus!

  4. Yes, WHEN you write your script (not if) and there is a good role for me I will definitely consider doing it as I always consider and read every role that is offered to me :)

Thanks for writing in! I wish you tons of success, a happy life and a lots of fun on your journey!

Betsy RussellActing