I'm anti social...

Hi Betsy,
I have so much respect and admiration for you as a person and actress. I love your films. Thank you for Volunteering your time to help others.

My first question is, I’ve never been a friendly or social person and it has caused me not to have too many friends or a girlfriend. What changes would you recommend in order to change my life around? Thanks, Elvin

Hi Elvin, thanks for the compliments and your question. If it’s bothering you that you don’t have too many friends or a girlfriend, first I would say you aren’t alone. Plenty of people are introverted or anti social and manage to draw in a friend or friends. I always say when it comes to a romantic partner it only takes one out of the 7 billion people on the planet to make a huge difference. I’m guessing you may find one who feels lonely as it sounds as if you do. When we desire to make a change in our lives or to change our behavior it’s important to take action steps.. The universe meets us where we are but we need to make a shift with purpose for this to happen. If we just sat at home and asked for a friend or partner to come into our life it’s possible that would happen but most likely if you had an insight around this or a dream or your prayer was answered you would probably get a message to take the steps necessary to meet someone. Now you may be wondering what would those steps be? I can’t answer that for you only you can. I can give you some suggestions but they will be coming from my perspective in other words what do I do when I want to make friends or meet a romantic partner. And here’s my answer. I would actually go to restaurants or bars alone and have a drink and some food and start talking to people. I would ask people I know if they have any single friends who may be in my situation and want someone to hang out with. I would join a class like cooking or wine tasting where I may meet lots of men in your case women. Maybe I would join a gym and start making eye contact with guys that interested me. I tell my son’s If they see a girl they like to talk to her tell her she’s pretty or say something funny to start a conversation. If it’s at a restaurant or bar to send them over a drink that usually gets a conversation started. If I wasn’t confident I would pretend for a day that I was and see how that felt. I would go on a dating app and start matching and chatting then meeting!  All of these steps (if you decided to try them) may lead you out of your comfort zone and thats a good thing! When we venture out of our comfort zone, magic happens. I recommend you get a book called “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer. I think this book and your desire to change my be exactly what’s needed for you to move in the direction you desire but I don’t know. Hopefully when your mind is quiet and you're relaxed you will get the answer you're looking for. Maybe you already have. After all you sent this message to me asking for help. Hopefully I planted some seeds that will grow into something beneficial. good luck and please keep me posted!

Betsy Russell