From Marc

My self help question is directed at my writing goals. I'm really working on a big project but I'm having a hard time finding enough hours in the day to really be productively creative in finishing my doctoral dissertation. How do I get over the hump?

Dear Mark, thank you for your question. Firstly I would advise having a routine for your writing project. Do your best to write at the same time every day and make an agreement with yourself to write at least a little no matter what. That way even if you really aren’t feeling motivated after a few words start flowing, the rest may come more easily. Pick a time to write at the time in the day that you are most motivated, so for me that would be in the morning. Also if you really can’t come up with a thing to say just start “free form writing.” Don’t worry what comes onto the page you can delete it later. This is just a way to clear your head and get the process moving. Also if you want motivation to continue writing, read over what you’ve written. My teacher Michael Neil said (i think it was he) write at a certain time every day and read what you’ve written before the next writing session to get you going. No matter what I need to get done I always picture myself when the project’s complete and how I’m going to feel. Give yourself praise and positive feedback when you do write! If you don’t support your process who will? Good luck, hope this helps!

Betsy Russell