From Curious

Hi Betsy, I’ve always been a fan your acting, but it was recently that I’ve gotten to view your posts on sites like this, or social media. I was struck by your insight, sincerity, and humility, which can be hard for anyone but especially those in the public eye, I think.

If I could ask - what made you decide to train to be a life coach? It seems like an interesting field for an actor to go into, given that an actor’s job is to pretend to be someone else, and life coaching is to find yourself. But maybe one leads to the other.

Another, more superficial question - like many people, “Private School” was the first movie I saw you in. I recently came across the trailer (of the girl eating an apple). Is that you? The model seems to look like you but they don’t really show the whole face. And did you do modeling outside of acting?

Best regards,

Hi! Thanks for writing in. I decided to take classes in spiritual psychology because I’ve always been interested in mental health. I started going to therapy for a little while when I was 21 and the therapist told me I would make a good psychologist and started asking me advice about her problems. A little strange I thought at the time. However I always had a love for helping others and when people asked me for advice I gave it, not knowing for sure if I really knew enough to make a difference. When my best friend started going to The University of Santa Monica (a masters program in spiritual psychology at the time) I would ask her advice about my life and I liked her feedback so I signed up myself! I haven’t looked back since that day in 2007 when I started my spiritual journey. Once we have the skills and tools to help ourselves feel better the natural progression I think is to share that knowledge with others. Hence the life coaching degree. As for your second question, I haven’t seen the trailer but I don’t think I’m the one eating the apple. Yes I started modeling a little when I began my acing career. I was too short to do much in America so my agent wanted to send me to Europe. That’s when I got my first acting job so I stayed in America. I also did lots of commercials in the beginning. Thanks for your questions!

Betsy Russell