From Adam

Hi Betsy,

Thanks so much for taking time to answer questions. I've thought about giving acting a try - but I have quite a bad memory for learning lines. How do you memorize scripts for your movies? Any tips?


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your question. From what I’ve always been told our memory is a muscle. Similar to working out at the gym to strengthen our muscles, when we use our memory often, it gets stronger. Mine hasn’t been too sharp in the past so I’ve always memorized my lines ahead and worked on them harder than most of the other actors only to have them changed on set. In acting we always have to be flexible to line changes at the last minute. Actors on soaps have the most lines to learn in the shortest amounts of time. That’s one of the reasons soaps are such a great training ground for actors. My advice would be to start memorizing monologues and get into an acting class to see if the experience excites you. Try not to worry about the memorization part. That becomes easier the more you do it. Hope this helps, good Luck!!!

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