From Bill

Hello Betsy,

what I want to talk about is how to be successful with the opposite sex by being yourself and not trying to be something your not.


Hi Bill,

Because of the fact that you're asking this question I would venture to guess that you're on a beautiful path! From my point of view the more aware and evolved we become the less satisfied we are when we think we are “out of integrity.” I know for myself it just doesn’t feel good! Before every conversation I have with someone and especially when I know I want to make a good impression (usually the danger zone) I remind myself to drop in, (ground myself) listen with my heart and stay open and compassionate. When that intention is set the ego is much less present. If I’m with someone and I concentrate on their loving essence (it’s always there) not on myself and making a good impression I’m successful in being my authentic self. It may not happen overnight for you, but it may! observe your thoughts around this. If they’re negative and degrading let them go. If they’re loving and positive spend more time with them. As you evolve you will attract more people who are on the same positive path and you can support each other in drawing out that which is for your highest good. Good luck and remember to have fun on your journey. “Growth is a process not an event.” Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick

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