From Sean

Hello Betsy, this is absolutely incredible that you do this. I have been a fan of yours since Angel and Tomboy, been awhile huh. My question is on a spiritual level I guess you would say. I was once a preacher, for 7 years. I then went through a divorce and was kicked out of church, I mean literally they ask me to leave and not come back, because of divorce. My ex had cheated but the church wanted us to get back together. My "spiritual" life has never been the same. Church has never been the same. I have an incredibly religious family so I have become the black sheep. I am a single dad, 44 years old, who just seems to exist with tons of questions. Any advice?

Dear Sean,

First off thank you for acknowledging my work (both in the movies and here.) Before I give you feed back Iā€™d like to ask what the questions are that you have. Thanks.

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