From Ted

Hi Betsy, I think you are one of the most beautiful women, from seeing you in 1983 ( Pvt School) and to see you are still as beautiful today. Are you in a relationship today? Do you believe in love or marriage or both? What is most attractive to you in a man? Best of luck to you in everything. And lastly, please accept my friend request on Facebook, lol.

Hi Ted,

Thank you for the compliments. Yes I do believe in love on many levels. I think when we are vibrating on a high spiritual plane we are in love with ourselves, life and everyone and everything on this planet and beyond. So at that point it’s just about finding someone with whom we are aligned and compatible with to share our lives. If two people believe the idea of marriage is a positive institution then I'm all for it. I for one am old fashioned in that way and I like the idea of commitment on that level. But I think It has to be a good idea for both parties. I am attracted to many different qualities in the opposite sex. A good sense of humor is a plus, an open heart, someone who is chivalrous and kind, charitable and full of life. These are some of the qualities I admire in a man as well as a healthful lifestyle. Obviously I have to be attracted to them as well! Thanks for writing in, have a beautiful day!

Betsy Russell