From Michael

Hello Betsy, I really like your site and your passion! I am seeking general advice on happiness. It seems like I attract bad luck. Any advice? Michael

Dear Michael,

If that’s your belief and your perspective that “I attract bad luck” it’s possible that you would see everything as “bad luck” and continue to attract it. The universe meets us where we are (meaning proves our beliefs to be true) and outer experience is a reflection of our inner reality. Is it really bad luck? It’s possible it isn’t. Often times We only think it’s bad because things didn’t turn out the way WE wanted them to. Maybe the universe has another plan for you for your highest good that you don't understand right now. I manifest my reality by making it what I think and believe it is. Two people could do the exact same things one day and one could think it was a glorious day and the other a disaster. If you knew there was a blessing in every situation and the most learning from a challenge would there be an opportunity to see things differently? I would recommend reading “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer. I would also recommend learning about “The Three Principals.” Go to and download some audio CDs and learn how our thinking creates our reality. I believe true happiness comes from within, from our thinking. I think I'm happy and I have a blissful life and so it is. I'm grateful every day for the life I've created. If I thought my life was awful that would be my reality. Good luck and thanks for writing!

Betsy RussellHappiness