From Derek

Hi Betsy,

I've been a fan of yours since Saw III. My grandmother and grandfather both passed away in September (her in 2013 and him in 2014). This is the same as my birthday month (Its on the 22nd and my grandma passed away on the 29th). You see, today (August 22nd) is my grandmother's birthday. My mother is having a difficult time as today as well as next month are the hardest for her emotionally. My question is, how can I lift my mother's spirits and make her happy? I know she smiles on the outside, but I can tell she's hurting on the inside. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Derek

Thanks for your question. Firstly I'm so sorry for your losses. It sounds like your mother is grieving. Grieving is an important part of losing someone and we all do it in our own ways in our own time. Im sure it's hard for you to see your mother sad but knowing, that it is an important part of her process may help a little. My guess is that you do cheer her up (even though you may not realize it) just by being you! I would suggest having a loving conversation with her. Let her know that you’re there to support her if she would like to talk. Everyone’s on their own journey in this lifetime and even though we would like our loved ones to never experience pain or upset it’s all part of our process at “earth school.” Your mother is blessed to have a loving son in you and I’m guessing that brings her a lot of comfort. Light to you and your mother.

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