From James

Hi Betsy,

I would like to obtain your perspective on the University of Santa Monica and the programs you engaged in. I am not interested in obtaining this from the registrar or university rep; but rather from a student. Thanks James

Hi James, thanks for your question.

When I considered going to USM I knew nothing about the school except my best friend Carrie had enrolled and she had changed (evolved) considerably in her short time there. I asked people what they thought of the program and one person said “If you go, you will know yourself better than you ever thought possible.” As I was in a difficult relationship at the time I was constantly asking Carrie for advice. She always seemed to have the answers to help me deal with my “stuff.” Finally one day she said, “Betsy, what if I’m not here to help when you need me? Let’s call right now so you can sign up yourself.” That’s what I did and I never looked back. It’s not about religion there, it’s about love. It’s learning the skills and tools to find the happiness that is within each one of us. It’s a wonderful foundation for learning about spirituality. I ended up doing the 2 year master’s program, assisting the next year doing the third year (consciousness health and healing) and finally doing the life coaching certification program. I can’t express how much my life has changed for the better since going to USM but I’ll try to put a bit of it into words. I’ve learned that every time I get upset it’s because something’s been “triggered” inside of me. An old wound is rearing it’s head that was never healed. I learned upsets or anything that disturb my peace are actually blessings as they are indications that there is still healing to do inside myself. I learned that my happiness is solely up to me. I no longer tell myself that anyone else has control over it. So basically I take responsibility now every time I am “upset” or my peace is disturbed. That means I never blame anyone else for the way I’m feeling, good or bad. I learned about forgiveness in a profound way. I learned it’s OK to be open, vulnerable and loving. That we are all the same, good at our core. It’s just a matter of how aware we are of that fact at any given time. I learned that when we do the inner work and become our most authentic self that we will draw in the same types of people who are on a spiritual path. I learned valuable communication skills that I rely on with all the relationships in my life. I learned we are all on our own journey we have no responsibility for anyone els’ journey, which gives me such a sense of relief. (I’m not saying as parents we don’t need to be responsible for our kids obviously) I think the most valuable gift I gave myself going to USM was the ability to help others. I coached my father for years before he passed away on a daily (hourly) basis. He suddenly thought I was the smartest person he knew because I was able to help him connect with himself to answer the questions he was asking (USM taught me we all have the answers inside ourselves.) I’ve also been able to help my son’s when they’ve had issues and of course that is so rewarding. I used to hate leaving them for school weekends. Sometimes they were crying (they were young) or I was crying. I’d get to school moaning and someone who worked there said to me once “your kids will stand on the shoulders of your USM education.” Boy were they right. Since USM I have joined a volunteer group “Freedom To Choose.” We go into high security prisons and coach the inmates there. That’s a life changing experience that wouldn’t have happened (I don’t think) without my education. USM opened the door to my spiritual life but it hasn’t stopped there. Continuing on my quest (and trying to keep up with Carrie) I’ve recently started learning about another modality called “The Three Principals.” A man named Sydney Banks came up with this idea and I’ve been studying under George Pransky. He (Pransky) wrote a book called “The Relationship Handbook” which I highly recommend. There is a lot of information on “The Three Principles” (mind thought consciousness) all over the internet. Another book I liked a lot (also about 3 P’s) is called “The inside Out Revolution” by Michael Neill. I love the idea that “in low levels of consciousness it is unwise to believe, trust or follow our thinking.” Also, “wisdom is always available to guide us, if we know how to access it.” "Somebody Should Have Told Us." By Jack Pransky another book I recommend. While I’m recommending books two of my favorites by the same author are “The Surrender Experiment,” and “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. I hope this helps anyone out there who has a question about the University Of Santa Monica. It’s a wonderful program (10 month certification program now starting in October.) I highly recommend it!